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DoD Establishes Ebola Task Force

(Global Biodefense) Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has established an internal Ebola task force to evaluate how the department can most effectively support overarching U.S. government and international efforts to prevent further transmission of the virus, the Pentagon press secretary said today.

Water Safe To Drink in Ohio’s Fourth Largest City

(Associated Press) Two days after warning some 400,000 people in Ohio and Michigan not to drink their tap water, the mayor of Ohio’s fourth-largest city declared on Monday that the water was now safe and took a sip.The city lifted the advisory after dozens of tests over the weekend showed an algae-induced toxin contaminating Lake  Read More »

U.S. CDC lab inspectors may have risked public safety: documents

(Reuters) U.S. laboratory inspectors charged with protecting the public from the release of deadly pathogens were repeatedly criticized by a federal watchdog for overlooking biosafety lapses long before this year’s anthrax scare at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Newly released federal documents show that oversight gaps at the CDC Division of Select  Read More »

How New York City Simulates an Anthrax Attack

(Gizmodo) Today, New York City is mounting a large-scale simulation of an anthrax attack, the biggest emergency simulation the city has ever staged.

West African countries announce new measures to stop Ebola spread

(The Guardian) Authorities across west Africa have announced a series of measures aimed at stopping the spread of the Ebola virus, which reached a fourth country last week with a death in Lagos, Africa’s most populous city. Nigeria closed and quarantined the hospital where a man died on Friday in the country’s first recorded case  Read More »