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Myanmar Signs Treaty on Chemical Weapons

(NY Times) Myanmar has become the 191st country to sign the treaty that bans chemical weapons, the international body that monitors that accord said Thursday.  The body, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, said in a statement that Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin had pledged to help “bring about a world completely free of chemical  Read More »

South Korea MERS death toll rises to 20

(CNN) The World Health Organization said Tuesday that the number of new cases “appears to be declining” – indicating that the outbreak could be slowing down. But it also warned that “all outbreaks are unpredictable…especially for a comparatively new disease like MERS” where many facets of the virus are not well understood.

What you should know about MERS, the mystery disease that has South Korea on edge

(Washington Post) The spread of MERS, which has infected 126 people since the outbreak began last month, seems to have leveled off, and South Korean public health officials are urging calm. Still, Koreans remain wary of this new and little-understood illness. MERS first appeared in humans in 2012, and three years later scientists and public health officials are still sorting out where  Read More »

South Korea grapples with MERS as 1,364 in quarantine

(CNN) The World Health Organization warned that the MERS outbreak in South Korea is likely to grow, as 1,364 people remained under quarantine Wednesday and confirmed cases grew to 30 people. So far, two people have died after contracting the respiratory virus in South Korea in the largest MERS outbreak outside Saudi Arabia…

Syrian Activists Say Chlorine Gas Attack Kills 6 in Idlib Province

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Anti-government activists in Syria said Tuesday that a chlorine bomb attack by government forces on a northwestern village overnight had killed six people and filled clinics with choking victims.