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Millions More Need H.I.V. Treatment, W.H.O. Says

(TheNewYorkTimes)- The World Health Organization issued sweeping new guidelines on Wednesday that could put millions more people on H.I.V. drugs than are now getting them. The recommendations could go a long way toward halting the epidemic, health officials say, but would cost untold billions of dollars not yet committed.

Inhalable Ebola vaccine developed

(Newsweek) Scientists have tested the first inhalable vaccine for Ebola in what could be a landmark development in the fight against the deadly virus. A new study found that primates who were treated with the vaccine survived when later injected with a lethal dose of the Ebola virus and showed no negative reactions to the  Read More »

The Ebola Review, Part II

(Foreign Policy) The G-7 Summit in Germany convening June 7 to June 8 will focus on the epidemic threat agenda, framed both as biosecurity and health system strengthening…  German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “We need some kind of global disaster response plan. And the World Health Organization must play a key part in this. But first of  Read More »

The Ebola Review, Part I

(Foreign Policy) The G-7 nations will commence their annual summit on June 7 in Germany, and the host, Chancellor Angela Merkel, has put the Ebola epidemic and its implications for global biosecurity at the top of the agenda.

Vanderbilt receives Gates Foundation grant to develop wristband mosquito repellent device

The concept of a wrist- or ankle-band that would emit a colorless, odorless protective shield is the outgrowth of previous research into the mosquito’s sense of smell performed by Vanderbilt biologist Laurence J. Zwiebel and an international team of collaborators with the support of the foundation’s original Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative.