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Biodiversity Is Key In The Road Map To Food Security With No Role For GM Crops –

Biodiversity Is Key In The Road Map To Food Security With No Role For GM CropsCounterCurrents.orgThere has been much talk around biological diversity and biosafety in the country as India was host to the eleventh meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity (COP-11) and the sixth meeting of the Conference  Read More »

Plum Island researcher making strides against dreaded livestock disease

(The Day) In the world of livestock diseases, there are few foes more formidable than foot-and-mouth disease. With seven main strains and 60 subtypes, a centuries-long track record of devastation, the ability to survive in soil for extended periods and be spread rapidly by infected animal breath, wind and other means, the virus has kept  Read More »

Activists warn over synthetic biology

(Deccan Chronicle) In genetic engineering, a gene or two are manipulated. What if scientists indulge in digital writing of genetic code and tinker with plants and animals? Environment activists warn that synthetic biology or extreme genetic engineering is a fast emerging threat to biodiversity, as it will change the genetic make-up of species concerned. Extreme  Read More »

AgroTerrorism Drill Prepares Area Emergency Responders

(St Joe Channel) A scenario played out across northwest Missouri Thursday depicting a disaster that could put our food supply in jeopardy. The planned event was part of an Argoterrorism drill that brought the threat to life in farm communities across the area. A mock-exercise helped prepare first responders on how to handle a real  Read More »

Anthrax confirmed in North Dakota cow

(Bovine Veterinarian) North Dakota’s top animal health official is warning livestock producers in areas with a history of anthrax to protect their animals from the disease. “A case of anthrax has just been confirmed in Stark County,” said Dr. Susan Keller, the state veterinarian. “Cattle producers should be sure their animals are current on vaccinations.”  Read More »