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100 people treated for anthrax in Bomet

(The Star) Bomet residents have been warned against consuming dead animals’ meat, following an outbreak of anthrax disease. The county veterinary services director Dr Wilson Serem said at least 100 people from across the county, who ate meat from dead cattle have been treated and discharged from various health facilities.

New Ebola Cases Unrelated To West African Outbreak

(Forbes) The World Health Organization has just confirmed that the newly-identified cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the Democratic Republic of Congo is genetically unrelated to the strain currently circulating in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. A WHO collaborating research center in Franceville, Gabon, the Centre International de Recherches Médicales, had previously identified  Read More »

Ricin Vaccine Effective Against Aerosolized Toxin

(Global Biodefense) Soligenix, Inc. today announced promising preliminary results from a preclinical study with its ricin toxin vaccine RiVax, in a non-human primate (NHP) lethal aerosol exposure model. The study demonstrated that NHPs vaccinated with RiVax were completely protected against a lethal aerosol of ricin toxin with a highly significant survival benefit

Ebola virus has mutated during course of outbreak

(Washington Post) The Ebola virus sweeping through West Africa has mutated repeatedly during the current outbreak, a fact that could hinder diagnosis and treatment of the devastating disease, according to scientists who have genetically sequenced the virus in scores of victims.

Bangladesh anthrax cases up to 170 in different areas of the country

(Outbreak News Today) The number of human anthrax cases in Bangladesh has jumped to 170 cases being reported in at least four districts, according to a Daily Sun report yesterday.