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South Korea in rare offer of aid to North for foot-and-mouth outbreak

(Reuters) South Korea has offered North Korea help with an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in pigs, which would be the first government-level humanitarian help since 2010 and comes as ties between the rivals have been warming. North Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture said in state news agency report on Saturday at least 3,200 pigs had been  Read More »

Bavarian Nordic to Develop Biodefense Vaccine

(Global Biodefense) The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has selected a vaccine platform from Bavarian Nordic A/S for the development of a vaccine against two potential biological threats to national security – Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia mallei. Under this new contract Bavarian Nordic will design, generate and test recombinant vaccines against Burkholderia. If the contract  Read More »

Dengue fever cases in Fiji continues to rise, 4,600 cases reported

(The Global Dispatch) The dengue fever outbreak on the island of Fiji continues to grow with the latest numbers from the Ministry of Health reporting 4,600 cases, according to a Fiji Times report Saturday. In addition, they report that there may be another 3000 to 4000 suspected cases that are not reported and the World  Read More »

Early warning system for epidemics

(EurekAlert) Cholera has been all but eradicated in Europe, but this bacterial, primarily waterborne disease still claims thousands of lives in Africa every year. Scientists are examining the effects various environmental factors have on cholera epidemics in Uganda. As part of this work, the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB in  Read More »

North Korea officially confirms foot and mouth outbreak

(Global Post) North Korea on Friday confirmed an outbreak of food-and-mouth disease (FMD), which led to the culling of thousands of pigs, for the first time this year. The animal disease broke out at a pig farm in a suburb of Pyongyang on January 8 and spread to 17 areas of Pyongyang and Junghwa County  Read More »