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Botulinum Neurotoxin Countermeasure Discovery

GlobalBiodefense: U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) is contracting with the Institute of Advanced Sciences, Inc. (IAS) in support of the Defense Threat and Reduction Agency (DTRA) Multicenter Program for Developing Treatments for Botulinum Neurotoxin Intoxication (BoNT).

WHO | Experimental Ebola vaccines

WorldHealthOrganization- The WHO has announced that they have been assessing the status of work to test and eventually license two candidate Ebola vaccines. The two candidate vaccines have clinical-grade vials available for phase 1 pre-licensure clinical trials.

Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa — The First 9 Months of the Epidemic and Forward Projections

TheNewEnglandJournalofMedicine- Report by the W.H.O. on the  clinical and epidemiological characteristics of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone during the first 9 months of the epidemic (as of September, 14, Senegal had reported only a single case). The report furthermore documents trends in the epidemic thus far and projects expected case numbers  Read More »

Elusys Announces Results from Anthrax Anti-Toxin Trials

GlobalBiodefense- Elusys Therapeutics, Inc. this week announced it has completed three Phase 3 healthy adult volunteer safety studies of obiltoxaximab (ETI-204), an anti-toxin in development for the treatment of inhalation anthrax. Data from these studies support the safety and tolerability of the antitoxin when administered intravenously (IV) at the intended therapeutic dose.  

Experimental therapies: growing interest in the use of whole blood or plasma from recovered Ebola patients (convalescent therapies)

Ebola virus disease currently has no vaccines or medicines approved by national regulatory authorities for use in humans save for the purpose of compassionate care. To date, the virus has infected 6242 people and killed 2909 of them. These figures, which are far greater than those from all previous Ebola outbreaks combined, are known by  Read More »