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Measles outbreak highlights record number of U.S. cases in 2014

Measles – a disease that was officially eliminated in the United States in 2000 – is back, and it’s making headlines thanks to a recent outbreak linked to a popular theme park.

Pakistan Continues To Face Challenges In Polio Eradication Efforts

In her blog, Maryn McKenna, a journalist and senior fellow of the Schuster Institute at Brandeis University, discusses the challenges of eliminating polio in Pakistan and “the possibility of [the disease] surging back over the rest of the world.”

Genetic Changes in Ebola Could Impede Countermeasures

Scientists studying the genetic makeup of the Ebola virus currently circulating in West Africa have identified several mutations that could have implications for developing effective drugs to fight the virus. Their findings, published in mBio, the online open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology, identified changes in the current West  Read More »

Biological safety lock for genetically modified organisms

Scientists have genetically recoded a strain of E. coli to depend on a synthetic amino acid so the bacteria can’t survive outside the lab. The E. coli were also made resistant to two viruses.

J&J Announce Start of Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Ebola Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson this week announced the start of a Phase 1, first-in-human clinical trial of a preventive Ebola vaccine in development at its Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies. The trial is being led by the Oxford Vaccine Group, part of the University of Oxford Department of Paediatrics. Recruitment in the trial is  Read More »