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Sentencing scheduled for peanut executive in salmonella case

(Washington Post)- ALBANY, Ga. — A former peanut executive convicted of shipping tainted food and faking lab tests for contaminants could be sent to prison for life when he’s sentenced by a federal judge.

The bacteria-fighting super element that’s making a comeback in hospitals: copper

(Washington Post)- Ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water. Greeks, Romans and Aztecs relied on copper compounds to treat burns, headaches and ear infections. Thousands of years later, the ancient therapeutic is being embraced by some hospitals because of its ability to kill bacteria and other microbes  Read More »

After five years of delay, WMD plan is ‘nonsensical,’ critics say

(WASHINGTONPOST)- The Department of Homeland Security, created to help safeguard the nation from terrorism, has faced criticism for years over its approach to tackling the ultimate fear: an attack on U.S. soil with weapons of mass destruction. DHS’s efforts to stop nuclear, chemical and other mass-casualty attacks are scattershot and poorly coordinated,  Read More »

Lyme Disease Cases Rising in Affected Regions

(Medscape) The number of US counties experiencing high incidence of Lyme disease has grown considerably from 1993 through 2012, according to a study published online July 15 and in the August issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases.  “Despite the substantial increase in the number of counties with high incidence, the limited movement  Read More »

Scientists find new variant of streptococcal bacteria causing severe infections

(Imperial College London) Scientists have discovered a new variant of streptococcal bacteria that has contributed to a rise in disease cases in the UK over the last 17 years. Group A streptococcus causes around 600 million infections per year worldwide. Severe infections can cause necrotising fasciitis, pneumonia, sepsis, or toxic shock,  Read More »