Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

The Center for Biosecurity is an independent, nonprofit organization of UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). Our mission is to strengthen national security by reducing the risks posed by biological attacks, epidemics, and other destabilizing events, and to improve the nation’s resilience in the face of such events.

To improve government policy and practice, our staff of experts in medicine, public health, national security, law, government, anthropology, and the biological sciences conducts innovative research and delivers reliable analyses that:

• assess the threats and challenges posed by biological weapon attacks, large-scale epidemics, and other large disasters;
• identify key barriers and solutions to prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery across the public and private sectors;
• advance the development of new technologies, medicines, and vaccines to deal with these challenges; and
• improve global public health and security.

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The Pier IV Building | 621 E. Pratt Street Suite 210 | Baltimore, MD 21202 USA