Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX) is a part of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) that primarily functions as a funding agency with a think tank-like capacity.

RISTEX engages in activities like those in the figure below with the view to promoting R&D that seeks solutions to specific social issues.

I. Identifying social issues: Identify social issues or that can be expected to occur in the future and invite relevant experts and stakeholders to survey and investigate the respective issues then to narrow down specific issues.
II. Establishing R&D focus areas: Based on the results I, establish the R&D focus areas where RISTEX activities can contribute to solution of issues based on the results.
III. Promoting R&D: Under the Area Directors, who manages with responsibility for R&D focus areas, establish R&D programs that have clearly defined R&D goals, issue calls for R&D project proposals and promote adopted R&D projects. Participation of stakeholders at every stage of establishing topics, implementing R&D, and conducting evaluations so that the results of R&D will contribute to the resolution of actual social issues.
IV. Presenting prototypes for return R&D results to society
V. Assisting the application of results to wider areas to be applied and to be established in society

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