Academy of Finland (AKA)

The Academy provides funding for high-quality scientific research, serves as an expert in science and science policy, and strengthens the position of science and research.

Division(s) within AKA with a role or interest in biosecurity:
Research Council for Biosciences and Environment
The Research Council decides upon research funding within its field. The Council’s research fields are: biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, ecology, biosystematics and -physiology, forest sciences, agricultural sciences, food sciences, research relating to the state of the environment and to environmental protection, research into substances hazardous to the environment, geography and regional studies, research relating to environmental policy, environmental economy and environmental law as well as biotechnology, molecular biology, cell biology and economic and technological research when related to the fields above.

Research Council for Health
The Research Council decides upon research funding within its own field. The Council’s research fields are: biomedicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dental science, nursing science, public health science, clinical medicine, sport sciences, nutrition, occupational and environmental medicine as well as biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, cell biology, biophysics and bioinformatics when relating to the above fields.

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