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After five years of delay, WMD plan is ‘nonsensical,’ critics say

(WASHINGTONPOST)- The Department of Homeland Security, created to help safeguard the nation from terrorism, has faced criticism for years over its approach to tackling the ultimate fear: an attack on U.S. soil with weapons of mass destruction. DHS’s efforts to stop nuclear, chemical and other mass-casualty attacks are scattershot and poorly coordinated, spread through an unwieldy department  Read More »

Myanmar Signs Treaty on Chemical Weapons

(NY Times) Myanmar has become the 191st country to sign the treaty that bans chemical weapons, the international body that monitors that accord said Thursday.  The body, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, said in a statement that Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin had pledged to help “bring about a world completely free of chemical  Read More »

Full Circle: Chlorine Now Chemical Weapon of Choice in Syria

Exactly one century ago Wednesday, German troops opened the taps on a line of chlorine tanks to send a poisonous cloud drifting across no man’s land and into World War I Allied trenches. The gas blinded soldiers and made them retch, vomit and choke, combining with bodily fluids to destroy their lungs.