Ministry of Defense
Division(s) within the MOD with a role or interest in biosecurity:

Department of Defence Policy and Long-Term Planning
The Department of Defence Policy and Long-Term Planning is responsible for strategic analysis, the development of long-term defence policy and overall planning for the defence sector.

Department of Security Policy
The Department of Security Policy is responsible for the handling of questions of security policy as well as for the Ministry’s international activities and external relations in the field of security policy.

Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI)
FFI is organised as an administrative agency subordinate to the Ministry of Defence and is the prime institution responsible for defence-related research in Norway. Its principal mission is to carry out research and development to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces. FFI is the chief adviser on defence-related science and technology to the the political and military leadership. A particular task for the institute is to investigate aspects of the development in science and military technology that can influence security policy or defence planning.

Ministry of Education and Research
Division(s) within the Ministry of Education and Research with a role or interest in biosecurity:

The Research Council of Norway
The Research Council of Norway is a government agency responsible for awarding grands for research as well as promoting research and science. Through its efforts as an advisory body on research strategy issues, a research funding agency and initiator of meeting places and networks, the Research Council seeks to meet and constantly refine the objectives for Norwegian research policy.

Specialized Institutes/Centers:

Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk)
Bioforsk is a national Norwegian R&D institute specialising in the fields of agriculture and food production, environmental protection and natural resource management. Furthermore, Bioforsk focuses on research-based innovation, value creation and sustainable resource utilisation. Areas of biosecurity research include biological pest control, biotechnology, and plant health and protection.