What is Biosecurity?
Biosecurity refers to the measures taken to protect the public from the potential misuse and accidental or intentional release of natural or modified pathogens or toxins.

Virtual Biosecurity Center (VBC)

What is the Virtual Biosecurity Center (VBC)?
The VBC is a multi-organizational center through which worldwide communities of interest can share news and information, collaborate on best practices, and access reference materials on biosecurity issues. The website is a ‘one stop shop’ for biosecurity news, information, calendar of events, educational resources, and collaboration tools.

How do I contribute content for the VBC?
To submit appropriate content to the VBC as an individual or on behalf of an organization, visit our Terms of Use and contact us here.

Pariticipating Organizations regularly supply content to the VBC. If you would like to become a Participating Organization of the VBC, please contact us here.

For more information, visit About VBC.

Global Forum on Biorisks (GFBR)

What is the Global Forum on Biorisks (GFBR)?
The GFBR is a collaborative online collaborative resource and forum designed to facilitate interaction and engagement among individuals of professional communities around the world involved in biological risk management.

How do I join the GFBR?
Membership to the GFBR is currently restricted to individuals of professional communities involved in biosecurity related matters such as personnel of academic institutions, industry, and governmental or non-governmental organizations.

For more information and registration, visit the GFBR.
*An institutional email address, affiliation, and/or a recommendation from a current member will be required.

Biosecurity Codes

What are Biosecurity Codes?
Biosecurity codes are sets of non-legislated guidelines, ethics and/or principles considered binding between organizations or members of an organization involved in matters regarding biosecurity. They can commonly be referred to as Codes of Ethics, charters, oaths, or declarations.

The Biosecurity Codeswebsite was originally developed by the International Futures Program of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).