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Bioagents Education for iPhone and iPod

The bio-security agent information cards app provides students, scientists and healthcare providers with information on the 10 biological agents that are widely used in biological research. Each card is designed to highlight one biological agent and its related bio-security concerns. The information on the cards is focused and concise, decreasing the time needed to find  Read More »

Federation of American Scientists
Publish Date:
Jun 12, 2012

IMED 2011: Speaker Presentations

The International Meeting on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Surveillance (IMED) 2011 was held in Vienna, Austria on February 4-7, 2011. The meeting embraced the “One Health” concept recognizing that, just as diseases reach across national boundaries, so do they transcend species barriers. The IMED website has made many of its slide presentations available online. Presentations  Read More »

International Meeting on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IMED)
Publish Date:
February 2011