For International Organizations

DIY Bio Codes of Ethics

Organization: organized a series of congresses in 2011, where we brought together delegates from regional groups in North America and Europe to collaborate on the development of a DIYbio code that may serve as a framework for helping us achieve a vibrant, productive and safe global community of DIYbio practitioners, regional groups, and community labs.

IAP Statement on Biosecurity

Inter Academy Panel (IAP)

IAP Member Academies. Copyright 2005.

IUMS Code of Ethics against Misuse of Scientific Knowledge, Research and Resources

International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS)

Presented to the IUMS General Assembly 7/27/05 – Revised 9/30/2005 and 11/4/2005 and approved by the EB 28 April 2006. Discussed and adopted by the General Assembly 8/10/2008.

UNESCO Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge

United Nations (UN)

Text adopted by the World Conference on Science. 1 July 1999. Definitive version

WMA Declaration of Washington on Biological Weapons

World Medical Association (WMA)