VERTIC Internships

London, United Kingdom

Internship opportunities
VERTIC supervises up to two unpaid interns at any time. Our projects range from intergovernmental dialogue on nuclear disarmament, to expert legal advice to multilateral fora and governments. VERTIC is an accredited observer to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in our programmes in various ways, such as helping to research a fact sheet or report, assisting in the organisation of a speaking tour, or preparing briefs.

Interns will assume various programmatic and administrative duties associated with the organisation’s activities. Interns are also expected to perform work of a general nature.

Interns should have excellent research, writing, editing, networking, and organisational skills. Familiarity with computers and office software is required as well as an ability to use the Internet. Interns are asked to work at least four days per week so that they can establish a sense of continuity and undertake substantive assignments. Interns should be able to make a commitment of 2 to 3 months.

Applications Deadlines

Our internship programme has a continuous application process. Applications are considered as and when a place becomes vacant. Applicants are therefore asked to state the dates they would be available in their covering letter, and to send their applications in well in advance.

Visas/Work Permits
The requirements for visas and work permits depend on the citizenship of the applicant. Non-European Union nationals are required to contact the British Consulate in their country of citizenship, to learn what the visa requirements are before applying and ensuring they are eligible. Unfortunately VERTIC is unable to assist applicants to gain visas or permits.

How to Apply
Please submit the following application materials:

1. A cover letter, which should include the following information:

What dates you are available between;
The reasons for your interest in working at VERTIC;
How many days a week you wish to work;
2. Your CV/resume;
3. A recent writing sample (1500-2000 words); and
4. Two references (contact details or letters) from former or current professors and/or employers.

Responsible officer
Please send your application by e-mail to Unini Tobun. Preliminary interviews will be conducted by telephone for those applicants who do not live in the London metropolitan area. Please note that VERTIC cannot cover interns’ relocation or accommodation expenses.

Many of our interns have moved into full employment after their internship with us. Our interns have taken up positions with the RAND Cooperation, the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Eurasia Group, to mention but a few.