National Biocontainment Training Cener (NBTC) Laboratory Fellowship Program

University of Texas Medical Branch: National Biocontainment Training Center (UTMB-NBTC)
Galveston, Texas
Doctoral Degree

The NBTC Laboratory Fellowship Program accepts applications for our fellowship program on an annual basis. This fellowship is a 24-month program designed to prepare doctorate-level scientists for future leadership roles in high containment viral diseases.

Fellows will develop a broad range of knowledge and skills needed to address the public health problem of viral hemorrhagic fevers and other high hazard viral pathogens. Training activities will involve supervised practical experience and will include a mix of laboratory, safety, epidemiology, and policy experiences. We anticipate that two fellowships will be active simultaneously over the next five years.

To be eligible for admission to this fellowship program, an applicant must be a U.S. citizen with a doctoral degree. Factors considered in selection of fellows include prior education, professional experience, career interests and potential as determined through written application, personal interviews, academic performance, publications, and references from supervisors. Special immunizations and a security Department of Justice clearance for the Select Agent Program will be required.

More Information
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