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Book Review: Bioinsecurity and Vulnerability

Reviewed by T. Tosin Fadeyi Edited by Nancy N. Chen and Lesley A. Sharp Contributors: Steven C. Caton, Nancy N. Chen, Joseph Masco, Monir Moniruzzaman, Carolyn Rouse, Lesley A. Sharp, Glenn Davis Stone, Ida Susser, David Vine, and Michael J. Watts. Bioinsecurity and Vulnerability is an intuitive compilation of writings that explore the hysteria surrounding preparation  Read More »

Op-Ed – Microbial Forensic Attribution: Where Science Meets International Relations

Christopher A. Bidwell, JD, Senior Fellow for Nonproliferation Law and Policy, Federation of American Scientists & Mark Jansson, Program Manager, CRDF Global. The U.S. government is making significant investments in bio forensics as a tool for attribution. In order for that investment to pay-off, it must be combined with investments in international collaborations so that the science  Read More »

Op-Ed – Science Needs for Microbial Forensics: Developing Initial International Research Priorities

Committee on Science Needs Microbial Forensics: Developing an Initial International Roadmap, Board on Life Sciences, Division of Earth and Life Sciences, National Research Council of the National Academies. Today we find ourselves with a complex infrastructure of government agencies, Select Agent registries, regulated research, environmental monitoring in designated cities, federal and state regulations—all resulting from  Read More »

Op-Ed – Improving Intelligence on Emerging Bioweapons Threats: New Engagements Needed Between Intelligence and Academia

Kathleen M. Vogel, Associate Professor, Department of Science and Technology Studies and the Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, Cornell University Since the end of the Cold War and the rise of asymmetric security threats, the U.S intelligence and policy communities have been increasingly concerned about new types of bioweapons attacks that might  Read More »

Op-Ed – The Biological Weapons Program of the Soviet Union

Milton Leitenberg Senior Research Scholar Center for International Security Studies, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland  In a highly unusual and unanticipated development, the United States government announced the end of its offensive biological weapons (BW) program on November 25, 1969. US BW stockpiles were destroyed in 1971-1972, and facilities converted. Great Britain, by  Read More »