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Veterinary students train to help in agro-terrorism situations

Because of the number of feedlots in Kansas, the state could be a prime target for agro-terrorism; Kansas State University veterinary medicine students take part in two different U.S. Department of Agriculture preparedness programs: the foreign animal disease practitioner’s training course and agriculture emergency response training; the programs train veterinarians to aid in relief efforts  Read More »

Genome-wide sequencing data reveals virulence factors implicated in banana Xanthomonas wilt.

Related Articles Genome-wide sequencing data reveals virulence factors implicated in banana Xanthomonas wilt. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2010 Jul 15; Authors: Studholme DJ, Kemen E, Maclean D, Schornack S, Aritua V, Thwaites R, Grant M, Smith J, Jones JD Banana Xanthomonas wilt is a newly emerging disease that is currently threatening the livelihoods of millions of  Read More »

Fungi’s genetic sabotage in wheat discovered

USDA – Using molecular techniques, Agricultural Research Service and collaborating scientists have shown how the subversion of a single gene in wheat by two fungal foes triggers a kind of cellular suicide in the grain crop’s leaves.

Anthrax kills 30 hippos in popular Uganda park

KAMPALA — Anthrax has killed at least 30 hippopotamuses in a popular Ugandan game park that saw a similar outbreak six years ago, officials said Wednesday. Tom Okello, conservation area manager at Queen Elizabeth National Park, a much-visited safari destination, said 10 of the hulking semi-aquatic animals were found dead over one half-day period alone.  Read More »

The Role of Markets and Trade in Food Security

Achieving greater global food security is a noble goal and, many would argue, a moral responsibility. It is also squarely in the self-interest of the United States, because hunger causes unrest and instability, which in turn affect U.S. national security and commercial interests. Global food security requires a multi-pronged strategy. read more