Office the Prime Minister

Ministry of Rural Development (MARD)
Provides central governance for the agriculture, game management and fisheries, the food sector, forest management and forest conservation, research and development, agricultural product turnover, agri-environmental management, plant protection, plant health, animal health, conservation of the quality of agricultural lands, cartography and land issues, as well as agricultural water management.

National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH)
The mission of the National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH) is to promote Hungarian and international R&D&I activities with links to Hungarian R&D&I in order to help Hungary become an internationally renowned country with high technological development. NKTH plays a key role in elaborating and implementing Hungary’s science-, technology, and innovation policies and is supervised by the Ministry for National Economy.

Specialized Centers/Institutions:

Agricultural Biotechnology Center (ABC)
The Agricultural Biotechnology Center (ABC) is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and deals with biotechnology research and development for an environmentally sound Hungarian agriculture and participates in the training of biotechnologists and coordinating of biotechnology research activities.